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Newsletter - November 2021

Community space launch, Open Publishing Fest presentation, pilots update 💥

Published onNov 19, 2021
Newsletter - November 2021

Hi friends! 🙋‍♀️

We have had a really busy month and have a lot of exciting updates and news to share:

🚀The launch of our community space: join us!

🏆We won an award!

🎙️ Open Publishing Fest - we will be there, join us!

🎉First pilots: (almost) ready to launch!

🤓 and we continue introducing our team

... so read on!

🚀Launching our community space

We are launching our community space and are inviting you to join to:

  • become one of the early members that will help build the cooperative and will have a possibility to become the founding members

  • get in touch with like-minded scholars that want to transform the academic publishing system

  • learn more about platform cooperativism at our community-only events

  • launch events and propose content for our community publishing space!

Interested? Register here. Once you are registered, you'll receive a welcome email with further guidance on how to make the most of the Quartz OA community.

🏆Award in Technology and Knowledge transfer from Complutense University of Madrid!

Our project has been awarded the second prize by the Complutense University of Madrid for technology and knowledge transfer in the field of Experimental and Engineering sciences. As you might know, the jump from research results to real-life applications is a long one. That's why they call it the Innovation Valley of Death, and that's why universities such as Complutense aim to reward successful technology transfer projects, aiming to close the gap and increase the impact of their researchers.

We are really happy to receive this award because it celebrates our hybrid nature as academic researchers and entrepreneurs, as well as our main sister passions: Open Access and Open technologies.

We are really happy to receive this award because it celebrates our hybrid nature as academic researchers and entrepreneurs, as well as our main sister passions: Open Access and Open technologies.

🎙️ Presentation and panel session at the Open Publishing Fest

We presented Quartz OA at the Open Publishing Fest 2021 as Open Publishing Award nominees! If you haven’t had the chance to watch the presentation live, here is the link to the recording. It was a cozy session where we explained what Quartz OA is all about and had a Q&A with the audience.

We were also honoured to be part of a panel on Community Publishing Business Models on Thursday, November 18 at 3 PM CET (see the recording here). The session is motivated by a recent Commonplace series 'Business of Knowing' to which we contributed a piece on the promise of platform cooperativism for academic publishing.

🎉Our first pilots: (almost) ready to launch

We are very happy to have reached an agreement with 2 independent Diamond OA journals listed in DOAJ that are willing to test our technology and become our early community members! We will update you on our progress next month and will make a formal announcement of the pilots. (So excited! 🤩 )

For all those of you who were interested to learn how the pilots will work but were afraid to ask: we have recently published an FAQ explaining what the pilots are about and what participation will mean for you. In brief, we are inviting journals to install our donation button and enable a micropayment mechanism that will allow them to receive micropayments when anyone with our browser extension uses their website. The effort required from the journal's side is quite low and we provide all the help we can.

We are currently discussing pilots with several other journals and we welcome any other journals and publishers that would like to give it a try! Get in touch, do not hold back 😉

Let us introduce ourselves 🤓 We are a small but really well working team so we have decided to invite you to our world and introduce all members. This month, we present the founder of our project - Ámbar Tenorio-Fornés.

Ámbar (they/she/he) is a free software developer and researcher in Computer Science. They are the founder and director of the blockchain-based projects Decentralized Science and Quartz Open Access, and are finishing their PhD on decentralized governance tools for Commons-Based Peer Production communities at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Previously, they have worked at the European Projects P2P Models and P2Pvalue, developing decentralized web tools including Teem , SwellRT,, and Quartz Open Access.

They enjoy playing music (bass guitar and live coding), cycling and rock climbing. Currently, Ámbar is active in grassroots LGBTQIA+ collectives, but their activist interests also include feminism, ecology, free and open technologies among others. You can reach Ámbar at

In the next episode...

Next month we'll be sharing with you more details about the progress of our pilots and our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.


Quartz OA team

🤓 If you know someone who might be interested in our project, please, share this newsletter.

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