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Newsletter - August/September 2021

In this newsletter we share a couple of exciting news about 1) our article on platform cooperativism, 2) our poster presentation at OASPA 2021; 3) our pilots launch; 4) our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and 5) we continue presenting our team... happy reading!

Published onOct 26, 2021
Newsletter - August/September 2021

Hi friends! 🙋‍♀️

How are you doing? We have had some summer rest and hope that you have too 🌅

This month, we have lots of updates:

🖋️our article on the promise of platform coops for academic publishing

🎙️our poster presentation at OASPA 2021 conference

🚀we are launching pilots!

🤑 prepping a crowdfunding campaign

🤓 and we continue introducing our team

... so read on!

🖋️Our article on platform coops!

First, we are happy to share with you our piece on the promise of platform cooperativism ****recently published on Commonplace (a publication of the Knowledge Futures Group that is also behind pubpub platform - one of the new developments in the academic publishing field we are really excited about)! The article is open for discussion and we welcome your comments! We also recommend you to go through other pieces in this summer issue - it's full of insights on how academic publishing could be transformed for the better. If our ideas speak to you and you'd like to help us further develop and implement them - do get in touch! Also, check out this post for more ideas on how you can contribute.

🎙️Poster presentation at OASPA 2021 conference

We are really happy about the oppotunity we had to present Quartz OA at the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) 2021 conference! Our presentation took place on the third lightning talk session, where we shared the room with very interesting projects and Open Access advocates. The video recording of the session is available online, and our presentation starts at minute 33:00. We promise that next presentation will have a better audio quality 😅.

🚀Launching Pilots

We are launching a series of pilots to test our technology: the donations button and the browser extension enabling micropayments. If you are an independent Diamond OA journal, a journal hosting platform or a library looking to support independent OA publishing and want to test our tech - we look forward to hearing from you! 😉 To know more about the pilot and what participation would mean for you, check out our new FAQs or simply email us!


We are working hard to launch a series of Quartz OA crowdfunding initiatives to support fair, just and equitable academic publishing! We will be opening this series with crowdfunding in support of LGBTQIA+ in academia.

Academia may well seem a place where you are supposed to be judged uniquely by your research outputs rather than your gender identity or sexual orientation. Research and personal experiences of scholars, however, tell a different story. A story about workplace discrimination as well as more subtle and nuanced challenges, such as those trans scientists face when trying to have their name change recognised by their institutions.

So, we want to support LGBTQIA+ scientists and initiatives to make academia a more inclusive place. We pledge to match the received donations up to 1000 USD and invite other collectives and institutions to join us in this effort (**contact us if you want to join this pledge!**).

We also invite you email us your ideas for nominations - what LGBTQIA+ initiatives in the academia would you like to see supported? Let us know!

There are still some questions we need to sort out before we officially launch the campaign but we plan to do so by the end of October, so stay tuned!

Let us introduce ourselves 🤓 We are a small but really well working team so we have decided to invite you to our world and introduce all members. This month, we present the developer of our project - Elena Pérez Tirador. Elena works both in the front-end of the application as well as with the blockchain technologies.

She is a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate. During the last years of her degree, she discovered the blockchain technology and its possibilities, and became interested in how this technology could be applied in social good projects. Therefore, she started working with it and, for her final degree project, she developed an application for helping and preventing cases of social harassment in the streets. That is when we at Decentralized Academy crossed paths with her and asked her to join the project when it was being created, back in 2019.

She has been working with us ever since. In her spare time, she likes hiking (specially the mountains of northern Spain) and solving rubik's cubes. Originally from the north of Spain, she's now based in Madrid. You can reach her at!

In the next episode...

Next month we'll be sharing with you more details about our crowdfunding campaign and the progress of our pilots.


Quartz OA team

🤓 If you know someone who might be interested in our project, please, share this newsletter.

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